Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Busy Week and Haulage!

Wow! I couldn't have imagined what a busy week this week would end up being.

School is crazy as parent teacher conferences are coming up, It was Nicks birthday on Thursday, Nick had his work conference this weekend, we also had to babysit the cat while my parents were at a funeral and then pick them up this afternoon. We were supposed to do food shopping...but it started hailing so I decided against that.
I've also being working on putting the wedding photos into a photobook. I had a coupon that gave me a 40 page book for $35 instead of $109....but it expired on the 9th of August. Luckily I finished that today. Now I should probably start on the masses of written comments I need to do for every child for the parent teacher confrences. Seriously National Standards are not cool.

Anyway haulage! These are the parcels that were waiting for me when I arrived home from Rarotonga. It was Christmas! I'm still waiting on an order with some Zoyas to arrive...but everything else came :)

The first lot was a Beauty Joint order of Klean Colors and Nyx lipsticks.

Metallic Black, Orange, Fuschia, Purple, Sapphire, Aqua and Green.

Black, Bridal Shower, Winter Wonderland, Holo Chrome, Glamour Barbie and 2012  Apocalypse. 

Nyx Round lipsticks in Tweed, Chic, Hot Pink and Chic Red.

Nyx Matte lipstick in Strawberry Daiquri and Black labels in Adore and Plum.
 Then I had a few ebay orders.

Orly Pin-up minis.

OPI Grape...Set...Match, Your Royal Shine-ness and Serving Up Sparkle.

Orly Fowl Play and China Glaze Fortune Teller
Ok so I bought Orly Fowl Play before we left but I had taken a picture of it yet and Fortune Teller looked lonely. I plan to buy Nite Owl and Peacock from the Orly Birds of a Feather collection tomorrow. Buy one get one free at Farmers!

Hopefully this coming week I'll get time to post pics of my holiday nails, the awards I haven't forgotten about, a few more wedding snaps and holiday pics. Rartonga was so beautiful that I must keep sharing.


  1. Ohh I need to get me more of those Kleancolor polishes. Can't wait to see them swatched!

  2. nice hauls! I love those lipsticks in the first pic, wouldn't mind seeing those swathed also ;)

  3. haha National Standards. One of my jobs at work (MOE) is to monitor the charters and who has NS targets in them!!! my life revolves around them too!

  4. omg! Kleancolor is everyyywhere! i want to try that brand so bad, some of their polishes look really unique!
    and totally DYINGGG over the nyx lippys, wonderful choices here!

    <3 BB

  5. Hey where do you buy your kleancolors from? They look awesome

  6. Nice haul... but I have a little question: what do you do with so many lipsticks? Do you ever finish them before they're too old and need to be thrown away?
    Humm... maybe the same thing I'm doing with my 200 polishes stash... :D

  7. Wow great haul!
    Have fun with all this!

  8. Wow great haul! I'm all kinda of jealous! :)

  9. Your haul is wonderful! LOVE BeautyJoint!

  10. wow some awesome haulage i love it all :D

    shel xx

  11. Cristina: I'm lipstick is like my nail polish...I just have an obsession with the colours. I actually hardly ever wear lipstick! But then I don't throw them out either lol.

    nail polish anon: I bought my Kleancolors from Beauty Joint an online retailer.

    Hopefully next weekend I'll get time to swatch!