Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding: Getting ready

Day 4 was the day of the wedding...
Luckily after the disastrous day on the Thursday, Friday went mostly smoothly.

We made a decision at 9.30am to go ahead with the wedding, even though Nick was still really sick. We'd come all the way to Rarotonga, and dragged our family and friends out there, so we kind of needed to have a wedding.
We decided to push the ceremony back an hour so it was cooler for Nick.

Then we kicked Nick out of mum and dads room and sent dad with him to baby sit and make sure he was taking medication.

Us girls went to get our hair done.

Half way through...

Christine getting her hair done
Then we snuck back to the room, I didn't want anyone to see.
We worked on the reception playlist...because I was very well organised and still decided on songs a few hours before the wedding. We also drooled over the dress.

Dress and bling.
After lunch we crept back to the salon to get flowers in our hair and sort out our make up.

Make up and flowers done.
Mum getting her hair blow waved
The hairdresser said he'd come back about 3.45pm to put the veil in, spray our hair again and touch up my make up. So we crept back to the room again and Jess met us to do mum and Christines makeup.

Jess doing Christines make up

Jess doing mums make up (taken by the photographer)
The photographer showed up at 3.30pm and started snapping pics.

Veil in!
Lipstick re-touch
"play with dress"
If I get time i'll post the ceremony pics later today.

Hope everyone's enjoyed a sneak peak at my wedding. Now I must get ready for work.


  1. LOVE the dress! Congrats again :)

  2. You look GORGEOUS!!! I am loving all the pictures thank you for sharing! Your dress is oh so pretty.

  3. omg i love the laast photo!
    you are stunning!
    i bet you blew everyone away walking down the aisle!!!

    <3 BB

  4. beautiful dress! you looked absolutely stunning! i'm sure you made a truly beautiful bride and made your husband feel better the second he saw you walking down the isle!

  5. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. I just got to work and my classroom is freezing cold. Your comments warmed me up :)

  6. You are so beautiful! You make the dress beautiful! Congratulations!
    Can't wait for the wedding pics.

    I've received your package on Saturday. It's great!! Did you see my post about it?

  7. your gorgeous! and your dress is beautiful! Congratulations!!!! Im excited to see the wedding pictures!(:

  8. Thankyou for sharing the photos. You looked so relaxed and beautiful getting ready xoxo