Sunday, August 14, 2011


I should currently be writing a billion comments for parent teachers tomorrow...yes i left the comments to the last minute. I hate writing comments!

So instead of writing my comments I'm taking a few minutes to procrastinate and post on here :)

In all fairness I have completed my reading and writing comments. I just have the maths ones left to write.

I've been a little slack with posting since I came back from my amazing wedding/holiday in Rarotonga.
I'm actually having a few nail issues. my nails were just how I like them  in Rarotonga...but they made getting my contacts in a little difficult.

So here are some holiday nails!

A few days old wedding nails... BB Couture Tink Pink and a nail sticker. Mickey and Minnie are making an appearance.
Sinful Colors Thimbleberry out and about on a 4 wheel drive safari tour.
OPI Catch Me In Your Net. We were visiting the marine reserve  for a snorkel so I needed to wear something mermaidy!
Anyway I got back from Rarotonga and attacked my nails with a file... I was determined to have straight tips...which I hated. So out came the file... then the nail clippers... and then finally I got so fed up with my nails that i attacked them one lunch time with a pair of school scissors.

needless to say my nails are nubs right now... my mum was proudly showing me her nails the other day. Silver with black shatter on top. She looked to see what colour I was wearing (I wasn't wearing polish) and exclaimed..."oh, what did you do? Don't worry they'll grow back". Lol....I do love my mum.

Anyway back to writing comments... I'll be at school from 8am to 8pm tomorrow and Tuesday...argh.

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