Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pink Wednesday Over kill with OPI Nice Stems

I've missed Pink Wednesday for a few weeks now... but I'm going to make up for it with the pinkest collection of the year. OPI Nice Stems. I have to say I love the Nice Stems collection. It fulfills all my girly wishes for pinks and glitters.

Come to Poppy
 Come to Poppy sounds a bit dodgey in the name...but it's not a dodgey colour! Come to Poppy is a beautiful coral toned pink. the prettiest thing about this polish is the beautiful pearl like finish. Not frosty or straight shimmer but pearly.

Be a Dahlia Won't You
 Be a Dahlia is stunning. I know its a dupe for CG 108 Degrees and both are rather similar, though not dupes, with Zoya Gilda. I still Be a Dahlia. I'm waerign it today and my 6 year old girls love it. The special thing about this polish is the pretty flecked shimmer. Hot pink at some angels, purple and even blue toned at others. I think I managed to capture the gorgeous shimmer pretty well!

Play the Peonies
Light pinks tend to get a lot less love than gorgeous brights, but Play the Peonies is stunning. It would have been an amazing wedding polish choice. Sadly I received it after my wedding! Play the Peonies is a very pale pink with gorgeous pearly shimmer.

I Lily Love You
I Lily Love you has an awesome name that just rolls of the tongue. It's a pretty awesome glitter/flake polish for layering as well. I say layering as it really didn't get opaque. In the bottle it's a beautiful pink jelly, but it's wishy washy on the nail. It really shines layered over the other polishes in the collection.


  1. I'm going to grab I lily love you as soon as I can!

  2. omg your blog is insane, why did i not know of this ever !!

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