Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pink Wednesday...

Yup, it's Thursday here...but I'm posting my Pink Wednesday nails...

I had good intentions to post last night.I won't make up excuses but my cheeks turned into bright red triangles and I started running a I went to bed and slept instead. I still feel so run down from this winter. Good thing it's Spring now! Stay tuned for my Spring mani tomorrow :)

Smokey was hilarious when I went to bed. She wont come near me during sunlight hours, but as soon as the sun sets she wants attention. So she climbed on to my pillow and would not budge. It's just getting dark now so she's just started meowing for attention and crept out of her room. I guess it's good she's warming up to us, it is only day 3...but could she warm up to us during the day not when I'm trying to sleep!

Smokey in a playful mood
Anyway on to the nails! My pink Wednesday nails were Zoya Neeka topped with China Glaze Crackle Glaze Haute Metal. A really nice combo, though not my greatest pictures, ignore the tip wear I was trying to make the mani last.

Zoya Neeka and China Glaze Haute Metal
A great combination to wear. The kids loved that I had pink crackley nail polish (their words) although they thought Neeka looked black not purple.

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