Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zoya Smoke

Good news...Smokey seems to be settling in. She's eaten and starting to creep out of her room to explore. She was even playing with us this evening. Now she's meowing at us for attention. Good signs!

Zoyas Smoke collection is the creme half of the Smoke and Mirrors fall collection. To be honest I wasn't so keen on it. I thought I needed Cynthia and Jana, but not the others. Now that I have the collection I love it and need them all!

My photo's don't capture all the beauty of the Smoke collection. The dark cremes were especially difficult to capture.






Of course these all applied beautifully. The colours are perfect for Autumn so I have 1 day leftto wear them all! Thank goodness Spring is coming. I'm loving the daffodils popping up at the moment.

I loved wearing Codie and wanted to glitz it up a bit. So here's Codie topped with NYX Gilded Glitter.

Zoya Codie and NYX Gilded Glitter
News flash....Smokey just jumped up on to the couch with me. Yay she's starting to like me?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Help! and meet Smokey


This is Smokey. She is a gorgeous one year old cat.

Isn't she a beautiful colour? A friend at work couldn't keep her, so we agreed to adopt her. She hates me though...well hates a strong word.She doesn't know me and it's her first night here. As you can see she won't come out of her travel cage. Yup, that's food I tried to lure her out with. She just looks so sad and I want her to settle in easily.

So help! How do I help her settle in and feel safe with us?

At the moment I'm just leaving her be, but any other tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. I've never re-homed a cat before. All ours have been kittens when we got them.

Also...look what we have!

11 baby mice. They're 3 days old now. I love how their markings are starting to show now. Look at the cute little one with a black head and bum and big white belly! Mummy mouse Jasmine is a shiny black mouse and daddy Barnabas is a brown with white band. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wish Upon a Rock-star

Nick sent me a text this evening saying we're going out for dinner tomorrow night. 
Just out with friends and there was mention of Rock Band...so I needed rocking nails!

I immediately grabbed my new Color Club Backstage Pass polishes and Wish Upon a Rock-star.

A rainbow of glitter with larger pinky/lilac hex glitters.

2 thick coats of Wish Upon a Rosk-star over China Glaze Cheers to You...
Yeah well that was rather fail...I think thin coats and day light are needed to appreciate Wish Upon a Rock-star.

I'm now wearing Revlon Royal with Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe. Rather rocking if I do say so myself!


I got a parcel today I'm very excited about.

It's a Hit, Backstage Pass, Wish Upon a Rock-star, Platinum Record and Take the Stage
Take the Stage, Platinum Record, Wish Upon a Rock-star,  Backstage Pass and It's a Hit
Yes! Those are Color Club Backstage Pass polishes. Sadly I'm not really feeling them...
I'm in love with Wish Upon a Rock-star (the rainbow glitter), but I need to see them all in daylight to work out my true feelings on them. They are most definitely glamtastic and blingerific. I'm just missing one...the red one. But with my unsure feelings I'm not sure I'll bother tracking it down....even though it's supposed to be the most opaque.

It's Alive, Near Dark, Haunting and Crimson.

It's Alive, Near Dark, Haunting and Crimson
And a collection I'm feeling a lot of love for...China Glaze Haunting the Halloween collection. Yes I'm planning on being Cinderella for Halloween....but I think It's Alive and Haunting are just amazing. I already own Ghoulish Glow so I didn't order that one.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pink Wednesday Over kill with OPI Nice Stems

I've missed Pink Wednesday for a few weeks now... but I'm going to make up for it with the pinkest collection of the year. OPI Nice Stems. I have to say I love the Nice Stems collection. It fulfills all my girly wishes for pinks and glitters.

Come to Poppy
 Come to Poppy sounds a bit dodgey in the name...but it's not a dodgey colour! Come to Poppy is a beautiful coral toned pink. the prettiest thing about this polish is the beautiful pearl like finish. Not frosty or straight shimmer but pearly.

Be a Dahlia Won't You
 Be a Dahlia is stunning. I know its a dupe for CG 108 Degrees and both are rather similar, though not dupes, with Zoya Gilda. I still Be a Dahlia. I'm waerign it today and my 6 year old girls love it. The special thing about this polish is the pretty flecked shimmer. Hot pink at some angels, purple and even blue toned at others. I think I managed to capture the gorgeous shimmer pretty well!

Play the Peonies
Light pinks tend to get a lot less love than gorgeous brights, but Play the Peonies is stunning. It would have been an amazing wedding polish choice. Sadly I received it after my wedding! Play the Peonies is a very pale pink with gorgeous pearly shimmer.

I Lily Love You
I Lily Love you has an awesome name that just rolls of the tongue. It's a pretty awesome glitter/flake polish for layering as well. I say layering as it really didn't get opaque. In the bottle it's a beautiful pink jelly, but it's wishy washy on the nail. It really shines layered over the other polishes in the collection.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Butter London

Just a quick post for all the NZ nail addicts.

Butter London polishes are on sale at NZ Sale for $17.95.
Sure beats $34.99! I just picked up Victoriana and West End Wonderland.

I've been looking for Victoriana for montsh at Farmers, but they never ever have it.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just Like Christmas

After I finished at school yesterday I sped away to the post office to collect my parcels. Due to the snow there was no post for 3 days.
On a side note I really have to start saying work instead of school, my 5 year old nephew is convinced I go to school just like him, I'm not the teacher...

Anyway the lady at the post office was super awesome and was saying how excited I must be to get so many parcels lol. I was super excited!

Five parcels!
And npthing was broken...look at all that tissue paper and bubble wrap.
Ok so I went a tad overboard on the Zoyas...but considering out of the possible 18 colours released this summer I only bought 8 I think I did pretty well...even if I slipped up and bought the entire Fall collection.

Here's a closer look at my purchases.
Please bare in mind I've been waiting for one of these parcels well over 30 days and the other for over 2 weeks. These aren't all purchases made at the same time. They just arrived at the same time. I also used a tax refund to buy some of them. I'm not made of money!

OPI Miss Universe: Swimsuit...Nailed it, Crown Me Already, It's My Year and Congeniality is My Middle Name.
OPI Nice Stems: I Lily Love You, Be A Dahlia Wont You, Come to Poppy and Play the Peonies.
China Glaze: Mummy May I and Zombie Zest. OPI: Glow Up  Already and Bring on the Bling.
China Glaze Crackle Glaze: Oxidized Aqua, Haute Metal, TarnishedGold and Cracked Medallion. Color Club:  Clean Break.

Zoya Sunshine: Rica, Tanzy and Apple. Zoya Mod Matte: Phoebe
Zoya Summer: Sooki, Areej, Keiko and Breezi
Zoya Smoke: Dree, Cynthia, Codie, Anja, Petra and Jana.
Zoya Mirrors: Yara, Tao, Marina, Nimue, Neeka and Jem.
Wow...now hopefully we'll have some sunshine soon for swatching!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rarotonga: Part 6

After all the excitement of snow the post is finally back to normal today. I came home to two bills (boo), two parcels and a lovely note saying there were five parcels for me to collect at the post office!

Unfortunately i can't get them tonight, so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. but I'm uber excited!
One of the parcels I got today was for Nick (lame boy stuff) and the other was my costume for Halloween/his work function/whenever else I can get away with wearing it...A Cinderella dress!

Since my exciting new parcels are at the post office waiting for me to collect tomorrow and there's not enough light left for some decent swatches I thought Id share some more holiday pics.

The day before Mum and dad were due to fly home we all went on a safari style tour of the island. It was awesome.
Why would anyone want to leave this?
The inlet the Cook island Maori people left from in their Waka....They made it all the way to New Zealand.
The Needle, a rock formation at the heart of the island.

Telephone tree
BBQ Trout...omg delicious
When we got back to the resort we snorkeled, sunbathed and hit Happy Hour...In Rarotonga happy hour isn't an hour at most places. Half price cocktails? Count me in!

Happy hour...I miss happy hour...
Those wern't all my drinks!