Sunday, October 2, 2011

ORLY Happy Go Lucky

I am loving Orly at the moment. Until recently I had the Cosmic FX polishes and a couple of I'm going a little crazy adding to my collection, there are just so many gorgeous polishes that Orly is releasing. I've picked up the Pinup collection, three polishes from Birds of a Feather, ordered four from the new Christmas collection, two polishes from the Mineral FX collection and purchased all four of the Happy Go Lucky collection. I really have been busy adding to my Orly stash.

The Happy Go Lucky collection is, just as the name states, a very happy collection of polishes. Having a bad day? Apply one of these polishes, stare at your nails constantly and you'll be feeling better in no time. Just don't stare and drive...that could make your day worse :S
Not that I had a close call with the gutter whilst driving and staring...

 Three of the four polishes in thecollection are stunningly bright cremes. Not neons just gorgeously bright happy colours. The last polish is an amazing shimmer. I've used two coats for each polish, but if you're careful you could get away with one. I'm not careful.

Frolic is an amazing bright happy purple. Of course I haven't managed to capture it accurately at all. It's a purple! If purples started photographing accurately we'd all know the world was coming to an end. Of course it's more of a red based purple than a blue, but all my camera wants to do is pull out the blue tones.

 Frisky...oh how I love Frisky! Bright blue. A smidgen of aquaness so it's not too blue. I can't stop staring at Frisky and wondering how they got such a gorgeous light bright blue...and no hint of yicky pastel. Pastel makes my hands look horrible and reminds me of chalk of which I have a slightly irrational fear. I can't even wear matte polish, it creeps me out.

 I'm not the biggest fan of green polish, I prefer teal and aqua tones, but wow, Fresh is amazing. Bright fresh green. The colour you'd use to colour in grass when you were little. I even like the way Fresh looks on me.

Flirty is my favourite of the collection. It's truly a flirty colour. Bright pink with gorgeous shimmer... could be a one coater... pink with out being boring... so many good things about this polish. Flirty is amazing, even if you hate pink you need Flirty.

I should be back to posting more regularly this coming week. I spent most of last week sick with some kind of evil cold. I just started feeling good again on Friday. At least I'm healthy for the school holidays in a weeks time. I've swatched a large chunk of my untrieds now and can't wait to get them posted, but I left my camera at school! So hopefully I remember to bring it home on Monday...opps!


  1. I was on the fence about Fresh but after seeing you swatch it. I have convinced myself I need it! Hahah Thanks!!!


  2. I wasn't sure about fresh either...but as soon as I got it and tried it out I loved it :)