Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Suspense...All Black?

I'll admit it...I got sucked into the Rugby World Cup. I don't watch sport. I count myself lucky that Nick is the only one in his family that doesn't watch sport... yet somehow I got suckered into this game.

New Zealand is playing Australia in the semi-finals. If we win this then we're in the final against France. If we lose...well we lose to be honest. I actually don't care that much, but I couldn't watch the game I was feeling so tense. It's just such a physical game. I was flinching and getting worried and...ahh.I guess it's such a big deal as New Zealand is hosting the Rugby World Cup and if we don't win it's like pouring a lot of money in to something for someone else to win...?

So now I'm in bed with my mini HP checking the score every 5 minutes instead.

Anyway on the subject of rugby and the All Blacks here is my new favourite black nail polish. Kleancolor Black. This is one coat and no top coat. You can imagine how glossy and perfect it would look with a top coat.

Kleancolor Black
As you can see Kleancolor Black is the perfect inky black base for layering over. I mean one coat of Kleancolor...awesome! CG Liquid Leather takes me three coats to get t nice and black.

We're still winning at the moment...20-6. I can hear Nick watching the game now... ahhhh I hate not knowing who'll win. Seriously I'm one of those people that love spoilers. I can't stand suspense.

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  1. hahaha i love spoilers too. 1 coat looks like that, i need this polish. :) hugs*