Sunday, October 16, 2011

Zoya Sunshine

Well yesterday I showed the Zoya Summer Time polishes I'd picked I have the Sunshine polishes! The Sunshine polishes are so pretty and sparkly. Again I picked up four colours from the collection, I felt I didn't need Faye since I had Rally Pretty Pink and the pink berry tone wasn't calling to me.

 I know I'm not a red girl...I'm not a red creme girl anyway. Red sparkly shimmery goodness...that's a different story! Kimmy seems to be the odd one out from this collection. The gold shimmer is not over powering. Kimmy rather seems to have tiny gold flakes in it. A very pretty and sparkly red.

 Rica is an odd colour. I want to say Rica is a coral... but then I see it in another light and it's orange...or it's pink... I'm just gong to stick with coral with a tonne of sparkly gold shimmer in it!

 Apple is a pretty fresh sparkly green. Once again Apple is full of gorgeous gold shimmer. I feel like it's just not quite the right colour for me though. I think I'll still be reaching for Ivanka when I want a shimmery sparkly green polish.

 Tanzy is the suprise of the collection for me. I wasn't expecting to love Tanzy so much. In other pictures I've seen Tanzy pull much more goldy yellow orange, but when I wore Tanzy it was a gorgeous wearable orange. I will be wearing Tanzy a lot over this summer!


  1. then it is Sunday?
    in Brazil is still Saturday lol
    Loved the post! Gorgeous live
    but I liked the color was green! BEAUTIFUL

  2. Yup, Sunday here lol. I'm in new Zealand so we tend to be a day ahead in days but 6 months behind the rest of the world in nail polish releases :( thank God for the internet...

  3. I love the Summertime collection, and your pics are great! I suppose it might not be too fitting to release summer colours during winter and vice versa. But if not for the Internet, I would have missed out a lot of great brands and colours too.

  4. oh they are all very pretty. :)