Sunday, October 23, 2011

Color Club Master of Disguise

I have been leeming the Color Club Master of Disguise mini polishes for quite awhile. There's a standard white creme, a black creme, an inky blurple and the reason why I wanted the orange glitter in orange jelly. Yes I did buy the set just for one polish...but it's really pretty!

Ghost of Chance
 Streaky white creme. Meh. I really don't like white cremes, they make me think of twink or white out on the nails. Three coats.

Master of Disguise
 Plan black creme a Halloween standard but nothing exciting. I got away with using one coat here.

 Deep inky blurple with pretty pink/purple/blue shimmers. Another standard shade really, but its still pretty.

Now we're talking! This is the polish I wanted. Orange jelly with gold (I think it's gold) glitter. Rather thick in application but awesome Halloween sparkles. I used one coat here. Yes, buying the set was worth it for this polish.

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