Tuesday, October 11, 2011

China Glaze Haunting

I'm suffering from hemisphere confusion. It's Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, but all the gorgeous Autumn colours and the fact it's been overcast and a tad rainy, is leading me to believe it must be Autumn again. Good thing there's blossom right out my window to remind me it's most definitely Spring.

I have quite a lot of swatches to share with everyone, Halloween polishes, Autumn polishes, Christmas polishes and of course since I am in the Southern Hemisphere a few Spring and Summer polishes. So I basically have a bit of everything to show.

I thought I'd start today with the China Glaze Haunting collection for Halloween 2011. I actually really like these four polishes. Near Dark is one of my new favourites.

 Crimson is a dark vampy colour. It can appear almost black, but it's not. A very sexy colour for Halloween. It's rather jellyish so this was three coats, with out a top coat. I love how shiny Crimson is.

Near Dark
 I am in love with Near Dark. Again like Crimson it can appear black, but it's not. It's a super dark swampy jelly like green with incredible shine. I've only used two coats so the awesome green shows through. In real life it looked awesome but the next time I wore it I used three coats.

 Stunning black with silver glitter. I'm not big on black nail polish so Haunting was unique in my collection... until I tried Haunting, loved it and bought a heap of black and glitter polishes...lol. This was two coats.

It's Alive
I'm loving all the glitters that have come out this year with tiny glitter and hex glitter. It's Alive is a gorgeous swampy green glitter in a swampy green base. It's very Halloween appropriate and very fun to wear. This was  three coats.

I love holiday themed polish but it Halloween or Christmas. I can't wait to start showing some of the gorgeous Christmas polishes making their way to me.

Hopefully my giveaway will be up today. I meant to have it up yesterday but I was lazy and uber cranky as I started a diet yesterday. All I wanted was pizza. All I could have was this gross smoothie. I don't even like smoothies. At least dinner was awesome. I love salad. Lets see how I go today :S


  1. gorgeous colors and great pic, thanks for the post :)

  2. easy to say I need all of these, great colors

  3. I think China Glaze really out did themselves with this collection! Near Dark is my favorite as well. I used it in my manicure today and my goodness, I fell in love!


  4. I've seen a few people say the cremes were boring in this collection... but I love all the polishes! I'm not normally into dark colours but I think Near dark might just become my signature polish!

  5. These look a lot different on you than I've seen on everyone else! Very pretty!