Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rugged Wellington Coast and Gardening!

Last Friday Nick and I took mum out to a job interview at the airport in Wellington. They interviewer had flown in for the day and was doing all her interviews at the airport. We dropped mum off and had a look around the shops...then we got bored and went for a drive. We drove out towards Moa Point and stopped when we found a nice carpark so we could walk around.

Looking towards the other side of the bay...Wellington is all about bays on this side of the coast.

I can see the airport runway...
Wild flowers.

A rock with a hole! Awesomeness it was person sized and the walking track went straight through.
It's always fun to visit somewhere you wouldn't always go. I normally drive to the airport and then drive home, I've never explored the area. So it was fun to check out this little part of the coast. We didn't get to explore too much as mum rang asking to be picked up...finally! In good news...she did get the job :)

And here is a picture that shows everyone the weather I've been fighting all holidays as I've tried to swatch my untrieds.

Looking at the border of our section. All the trees are ours except the twiggy bare one. The wood pigeons have destroyed that tree.
Oh look it's blue sky...I can swatch holo's! Then 30sec later it's dark grey with no hope of sunlight... then it rains... then the sun pops back out and the cycle starts all over again.

And back to grey...but look is that blue...?
At least it was sunny yesterday. Mum and Dad came round to help us sort out the section...We've been trying to all holidays but the intermittent rain has prevented us. We also swapped beds, gave mum and dad our spare queen and they gave us a single. So my polish room/library is almost completed. We're going to stick a large mirror up today. It'll be awesome.

Which is grass which is garden? Ahhhh the weeds lol.
As you can see we have no problem growing things...I'm rather good at growing weeds...
\But look I can grow vegetables as well! Check out my lettuces and strawberries.

And finally some nails! These are my manual labour nails I wore yesterday...and my first attempt at dotting lol.

Manual labour nails: OPI Steady as She Rose, CG Snow and Happy Go Lucky.
The dotting tools I used are the same kind as in my 365 Giveaway

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