Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why my credit card should be taken off me...

I realised over the last two months a number of polishes have magically found their way into my sticky little hands. That magical little plastic card has assisted and fueled my addiction. It's time to come clean...

I'm a nail polish addict.
I'm addicted to shopping online.

Also I thought I'd post this as a "what you can look forward to seeing on my blog". So these are the things i have purchased recently...many I have actually already swatched...and all will be featured on my blog in the future.

Please remember I'm not bragging about how many polishes I have obtained, I'm actually slightly embarrassed...but I did want to show everyone the polishes that will be making an appearance on my blog in near future.

China Glaze: Champagne Bubbles, Poinsettia, Twinkle Lights, Holly-days, Blue Years Eve, Ring in the Red, Velvet Bow, Glittering Garland and Tinsel Town.
China Glaze: No Way Jose, Shaken Not Stirred, 100 Proof Pink and Tarnish and Varnished.
China glaze: Sass in a Glass, Straight Up, Martini Pedicure and Drinking My Blues Away
Orly: Le Chateau, Au Champagne, Oui and Adrogynie. 
Orly: Rock Solid and Emberstone.
Color Club: Koo Koo Ca Choo, Master of Disguise and Wham Pow.
Color Club Enchanted Holiday.
Color Club: Gingerbread, Holiday Splendour, Beyond the Mistletoe, Jingle  Jangle and Sugar Plum.
Colour Club: Hot Like Lava, Foil Me Once, Antiquated, Perfect Mol-ten, Cold Metal and Lumin-icecent.  
China Glaze: Skyscraper and Snow Globe. Color Club: Candy Cane 
LA Girl: Nostalgic, Jostle and Animate.
Milani: Magical, Whimsical, Charmed, Fairytale and Totally Cool.
CND Gold Shimmer, Nubar Black Polka Dot, White Polka Dot and Pink Flame, CND Emerald Shimmer.
Misa: Fountain of Youth, Touch the Rainbow, Genie in this Bottle and Pixie Princess.
Misa: Beyond Infinity, Shields Up, The Great Green Whatsit and Phasers on Stunning.
Glitter Gal: marine Blue, Light as a Feather, Not Another Red and Lizard Belly.
RBL: Piu Mosso, Poco a Poco and Pizzicato.
OPI: Excuse Moi, Rainbow Connection, Designer de Better, Warm and Fozzie and Gold Shatter.
OPI: Getting Miss Piggy With It, Divine Swine, Gone Gonzo and Fresh Frog of  Bel Air.
OPI: Animalistic, Meep Meep Meep, Wocka Wocka and Pepe's Purple Passion.
Revlon Starry Pink, LA Girl Supernova, OPI San Remo Rouge and Funky Fingers Tortuga.
Revlon: Stonewashed, Polished, Mock Snob, Lux Laque, Modern Grace, Wind Fall and Super Nature
Revlon: Grapefruit Fizz, Watermelon Fizz, Orange Fizz, Pineapple Fizz, Apple-tini Fizz, Colada Fizz, Mint Fizz and Grape Fizz.
Maybelline: Banana Bamba, Papaya Punch, Pretty in Purple, Charming Cobalt,  Chic Chocolate and Grand in Green.
a-England: Merlin, Iseult, Guinevere and Lady of the Lake.
a-England: Holy Grail, Morgan le Fay, Galahad and Tristam.
BB Couture Eye Candy: Scorching Strawberry, Feathered Vixen, Trim and Tasseled,  Junk in the Trunk, Sweet Silicone and Busty Bombshell.
BB Couture: Man Bug, Cybele, Hermrosa Surfer Girl and Love Bug
Yeah... well that's rather embarrassing, but so may things to look forward to! I think I only have 5 parcels on their way to me now...

If anyone has any requests of which polishes they would like to see, just let me know.


  1. wow!! great stuff! cant wait to see pics. :)

  2. wow. I am stunned speechless. This must have cost you a fortune. Although if I wasn't saving for my wedding I would be totally doing the same.

  3. holy fudge and I thought i'd been ordering too many polishes. at least you seem to have an understanding spouse. the person i live with gets so angry when a package arrives! did you get the martini pedicure polishes from ebay? I can't find them anywhere else :(

  4. You are going to LOVE the Revlon Fizz's :)

  5. where did you get No Way Jose, Shaken Not Stirred and 100 Proof Pink?

  6. That's a great haul, even for me!!
    I'm like you I spend all the time )=
    Have fun with all this!

  7. Holy Wowsers Batman ... Great Haul!!! :D

  8. The haul to end all hauls! Jealous! :)

  9. you.

    no really. give it to me.
    i recently bought a 75% full bottle of martini pedicure for $5 on a blog sale. i hope it comes soon. and i hope i'm not too depressed by the fill amount.

    i freaking LOOOOOVE Man Bug. like a whole lot. i'm gonna be posting it soon. i also want Hermosa Surfer Girl.

  10. I totally understand the pull to shop, but hey your purchases have been made, so you can't really undo it. Now just step back and enjoy the splurges. You bought some amazing polishes!! :D

  11. lydz: I have pictures of most of hopefully they'll be up soon!

    lisa: I finished saving for the wedding... so I may have gone a little crazy. this was over 2 months though!

    nail polish anon: well he's not the keenest on my habit...but if I'm allowed to buy polish then he can buy random stuff that he wants... like his shelf full of Starwars Lego...

    leonacarolina: the Revlons smell so pretty. I've only worn Colada and grapefruit so far. I loved squishy and girly and sweet.

    Kate my mate: I got the Martini Pedicure and Tequila toes polishes off ebay. Send my an email if you want the seller.

    rock-or-not: haha...yeah I spend too much. I'm glad it's not just me!

    sarah claire: yeah it was a pretty good couple of months. I got a lot of leemings.

    Vita: All my pretties!

    rebecca: man Bug is awesome. When i saw it in the bottle i was like...Oh it's not going to cover...and then it did and was awesome. martini Pedicure took my 4-5 coats to get to a colour i liked...but when I got it there it was so pretty. I might try layering it next time.

    loodie: yeah I don't feel too bad... it's just embarrassing when you see everything together! When you just get a couple of bottles in the post it doesn't seem like much...then you put it all together and

  12. Okay so admittedly, that is a lot of polish. But, if you love them and aren't going into debt then go for it! Yesterday I hauled at Ulta. Bought something like 14 polishes. 7 of them were back up bottles I bought of the Anchors Away collection as it is by far my favorite collection - ever.

  13. WOW! That is quite the epic haul.
    Here I was feeling like I've gotten a lot lately, but you just blew me out of the water! You got some amazing polishes though :)

  14. OMG I'm soo jealous! I want so many of those colors! You got a rainbow of Revlon! Awesome!
    I just put up 6 pics of my October haul and they are no where as neat as your pics, I just wanted to get them up before I forgot. I bought 22 bottles so I'm bad too. EEK!

  15. This haulage is INSANE, you got so many great colors!

  16. \O/ OMG!! That's a lotta polishes!! Great haul!

  17. haha, that is a LOT of nail polish!
    I thought I had a big collection. I am excited to see what you have to say about them all!