Monday, October 24, 2011

Lush Goodies

Ok I admit it I'm addicted to collecting things... Nail polish, books, blurays, markers, Disney Christmas ornaments, lipstick, eyeshadow... gotta get them all! Another of my addictions is Lush.

Oh how I love Lush. As far as I know I've always loved Lush. I'm sure it started as a teenager when I discovered the Lush shop in the Old Bank Arcade... The smell lured me... and then I discovered the online shop.
My favourite Lush time of the year is when they release the new Christmas products. I love Christmas. I start planning Christmas as soon as Halloween things hit the shops. Anyway I've been waiting for this years Lush Christmas goodies to hit the NZ online store... and last weekend they did!

I needed to order a few gifts for friends and family...for Christmas presents... So I ordered myself some goodies as well!

My Lush haulies!
Glogg and Snow Fairy. Two very different and must have shower gels. Snow Fairy is the epitome of girly scents, everything sweet, pink and glittery. Whilst Glogg is awesome spiced wine, perfect for winter. Nicks favourite is the Snow Fairy...
Candy Cane soap is a new product for this year...omg it smells just like peppermint candy  canes...sweet yet minty. Delicious.
Snowcake soap is an old favourite of mine. Sweet almond icing soap for your hands. The gold is a nice touch this year.  
The Melting Snowman was too cute to pass up. He's a bubble bar...I don't know if I can use him though...he really is too cute.

The Jilted Elf shower jelly is such a bright awesome green with gold shimmer. Enlarge the picture and you'll see! I'm awful at describing scents but the Jilted Elf is a great fresh wake you up scent.

Snow Fairy lip tint...bright pink and smells like Snow also good for your lips...count me in!
I also picked up some non Christmas related items.

Twilight and Ghost, Halloween themed shower gels. 
Angels on Bare Skin my favourite daily cleanser.
Dark Angels an awesome cleanser I use about twice a week. It's a little odd putting dark black cleanser on to your face to clean it... I use Dark Angels, wash it off and then use Angels on Bare Skin. This normally gets rid of all the black marks! If that hasn't gotten rid of everything I use Tea Tree Water toner to clean the rest.
And a bonus...I didn't get this yesterday. But check out last years Angels Delight soap. Iridescent flakies and glittery stars...I'm feeling inspired for a mani!

Angels Delight soap 2010. This years soap is different in colour.
I also tidied up my Lush stash... yup I'm a hoarder...


  1. holy crap....I NEED that shower jelly. I love Lush too!

  2. It's just so green and shimmery... I've hidden it far away from Nick!

  3. Nice haul. I picked up Glogg and The Jilted Elf yesterday. I couldn't resist the green sparkly goodness!

  4. Love Snow Fairy, I'm going to have to go and stock up - really want the melting snowman, Angels Delight and Snow Fairy lipbalm too!

  5. I want LUSH!! they need to open a closer location to me!