Thursday, October 20, 2011

Color Club Cast a Spell

I love the Color Club mini's. They're half the size of a standard bottle, so pretty decent size, and they're just plain cute. I'm waiting on the Master of Disguise set to arrive at the moment. I think I'm developing an addiction...

Cast a Spell is last years Halloween mini collection from Color Club. It consists of a black, neon orange, inky blue and a sparkly glitter. I love the orange.

Charmed I'm Sure

Hocus Pocus layered over Bewitching
Pretty standard colours, but the neon orange stands out and I love the Halloween theme names.


  1. ooooh pretty! I think minis are soo cute but I am always afraid they won't have enough polish and then I am against paying so much for so little polish.

  2. I'm against paying so much for the opi mini's....they're far too small (3.75ml)! The Color Clubs are a nicer size (7ml)...China Glaze mini's are an even better size (9ml...from memory)!