Saturday, October 15, 2011

Zoya Summer Time

Despite my hemispherical confusion we are in Spring and it will soon be Summer...bring on the BBQ's and cocktails! What better time to show you all some summer polishes than when the weather is finally turning around and giving us some sunshine.

Today I have the Zoya Summer Time collection to show you. Well I have four polishes from the collection. I also have four polishes from the Sunshine collection, which I may show you all tomorrow. Sunshine! Oh how I love sunshine!

Anyway polishes...

 Areej is a gorgeous pink berryish colour. It is very similar to OPI's Dim Sim Plum. Mum kidnapped Dim Sim Plum a few months ago, so I'm very pleased to have Areej. Areej matches my favourite cardi perfectly. My favourite cardi in turn matches three of my favourite dresses Areej is a perfect colour for me!

 Breezi is a stunning dusty blue creme. Honestly look at that shiny finishes and the gorgeous colour... Breezi is stunning. I want to wear Breezi just looking at the photos.

 Keiko is a red leaning purple violet. Actually I'd call it a red violet, but colours are so subjective. One person says one thing another says the opposite. Either way Keiko is a gorgeous creme with flawless application again.

Well I may not be a red girl, but Sookie is the red for me. Perfectly applying creme and stunningly bright. I can't wear many of the blue toned red cremes, I look like a cheap hooker, but Sooki is the perfect red. I probably won't wear Sookie much, but it's nice to know I have a red creme I like in my collection.