Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alcoholic Nails for Summery Sun

We had an interesting day yesterday. We took our 5 year old nephew out for lunch and spent some time with him. He was rather distraught he couldn't come home with us, but Granddad said he was coming round to our place today and would bring Bradley with him, so he calmed down a bit. He just decided lying in front of the door would work to stop us leaving...

Then Nicks brother and his partner brought our gorgeous 7 month nephew round for dinner. So we had a fabulous time catching up with them and going all ga ga over baby.

Then he had his xbox live account hacked. So that was a 30min phone call explaining that his xbox live account was now in Russian despite his xbox settings being set to English. Either way Nick's with out his xbox live account for 25days as they sort it all out. Apparently that's the max time he'll be without it... I hope they fix it sooner...

Anyway on to nails. Alcoholic nails! Well I skittled a few China Glaze polishes from the Martini Pedicure and Tequila Toes collections... The yummy summery colours do make me think of cocktails.

Tarnished and Varnished, 100 Proof Pink, Shaken not Stirred and No Way Jose.

Doesn't that just look like summer!

Thumb: Raspberry Festival, Tarnished and Varnished, 100 Proof Pink, Shaken not Stirred and No Way Jose.
I loved wearing this mani, it's just so bright and cheerful. In some odd way the colours all tie together... but it's not so matchy matchy.


  1. This is a great summer collection. I'm a sucker for the bubblegummy pinks Shaken not Stirred and No Way Jose.

  2. That is a cute manicure-- so bright and lovely! Great ombre!:)

  3. LOVE! if youve been reading my blog this week you would know i just paid a pretty penny for some of these hahaha