Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fiji Fling

When we were thinking about islands to get married on, one we immediately thought of was Fiji. We even narrowed it down to one resort that was perfect. We had been emailing them starting to organise things, when we realised...Fiji is kind of a dictatorship right now. New Zealand defence force are not welcome. My brother is a medic in the NZ Army. They wouldn't let him in to the country.

Before we canned the idea of Fiji I bought myself China Glaze Fiji Fling. A gorgeous shimmery pink. It was such a nice vibrant colour I wondered what the other polishes in the Fiji Collection were like. I tracked them all down. And wow. It is an amazing collection. So bright and cheerful and definitely puts you in holiday mode.

Bare if You Dare: A pretty peach shade with gorgeous golden shimmer. All of these colours glow in the sunlight.
I wanna Lei Ya: I love the name of this! Considering it for my wedding day toes. I also love the coraly pink and silver shimmer.
Fiji Fling: Crazy bright pink with pink shimmer. It looks so washed out here, I might need to takea new pic, but I love the polish I'm wearing right now!
Hot Lava Love: Red with pink shimmer.
Coconut Ice: Purple with shimmer. In person this looked all purple with purple shimmer. The pink looks good, but not accurate from my memory!
Tantalise Me: I'm so surprised by this polish. I expected it to be sheer, I expected to hate it. It's not sheer and I love it. I'm wearing it right now and I don't want to take it off. Look at that blue shimmer! So pretty.

Beauty and the Beach: Shimmering blue/green.

Passion in the Pacific: Shimmering green/blue.
I think the Fiji Collection is a very pretty collection that doesn't get enough recognition. It's like sparkling tropical jewels. I didn't expect to love every colour, but I do. Bare if You Dare surprised me. It's amazing in sunlight, not to mention Tantalise Me which everyone needs to own!

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