Monday, January 10, 2011

Massive Haul Day...

With all th public holidays, the snow in England and the rain and flooding in Australia, parcels have been taking awhile to arrive in New Zealand. Today I hit the jackpot for deliveries though.

Six parcels I'd been waiting or arrived today. Yes one parcel was a book, another was clips I bought in hope they'd be perfect for my beach wredding (they wern't), but four parcels were nail polishes.

Fashion Addict, Wild at Heart and Love 'em and Leave 'em.
Sci-Fi, Hi-Tek, Admire and Emotion
Harmony, Cherish and Passion
Fiji Fling, Bad Kitty and Bridezilla
Prize, Essence and Spark
Gold, Stardust and Star Sparkle
2010, Absolute and Brilliant
Purple Beach, Iris Dust and Peacock Feathers
The Nubar Duo-chromes are stunning! I am so excited to play with them.

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