Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ahhh Headaches

I hate being sick. I hate headaches.

Unfortunately I woke up this morning with a rather bad headache, decided to ignore it, and went to see Tangled in 3D. Ok so a 3D movie isn't the best thing for a headache.

After the movie we needed to do our grocery shop, seeing as we haven't done a proper shop for 6 weeks.

By the time we'd finished our shop I was feeling awful. I've had a nap, I've rested my eyes, I've felt sorry for myself...and I've shopped. Lucky for me my HP mini is extremely portable, honestly I love my netbook to pieces. I'm very good at buying things...a skill I have to restrain as we're trying to save money for our wedding, but I just felt so crappy I wanted a pick me up...

Today I've managed to order 7 Color Club polishes, Zoya Flame Collection, Zoya Intimate Collection, 2 LA Splash Polishes, the rest of the Milani Holograms, Milani Bare in Mine, Teddy Bare and Dress Maker... that's 27 polishes...opps. I'm supposed to be cutting back...I'm supposed to be going through my polishes and passing on the ones I don't need...

Tangled was awesome though!

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