Saturday, January 15, 2011

Exciting Parcel

Omg the most exciting parcel I have ever received in the mail arrived today. Ok...maybe not the most exciting ever, but I was super excited to open. Unfortunately I wasn't able to play with it straight away.

My darling told a work mate that yes it was perfectly fine for him to store things in our garage. I wouldn't have minded if it was a work mate I liked, or if my garage was sorted. My parents had just dropped off a bunch of boxes of my old stuff from their garage, and everything is a mess.

Just as he arrived, the neighbours burglar alarm started going off and going crazy. Turns out their alarm isn't monitered and they're away on holiday.

Then as I'm trying to sort out the alarm going off, the guy that dropped off Nicks workmate left again. Leaving the workmate in my lounge...getting out his laptop and making himself comfortable. Umm we never invited him in. The neighbours alarm started going again so I went back outside, and I saw the postie putting a very large box in my letter box. Forget about the neighbours alarm, I want my box!

Inside was...

Sunset Sail, Knotty, White Cap

Ahoy!, Below Deck, Sea Spray

Worth the Risque, Revvvolution

Marshmellow, Beach Party, Demure Vixen, Turquoise and Caicos

Rock Candy, Happily Ever After, Nude Beach and Petal Pink
Yes, that's the new China Glaze Spring Collection!!! I was so excited.

The Essies were a vain attempt to find a wedding appropriate polish. I think I'll end up sticking to OPI Your Royal Shyness, but thought I'd try find something. The Essies were disappointing.

Anyway it was almost lunch time and Nicks work mate was showing no signs of ever leaving, so I left and went to hang out with Nick's 4 year old nephew, who when he saw me looking at pictures of my nails, insisted I take a picture of his nails.

Four year old nephew nails and Milani Cyberspace
 Three hours later I got a message from Nick saying please come home, we'll go out, we could go anywhere I wanted. Turns out his workmate was still there and had no intention of leaving as he had no money to get anywhere.

Luckily for Nick I saved the day, picked them both up, dropped his work mate at a train station with an ATM so he could get money out and then dragged Nick shopping for wedding invitation paper. Ha he did say we could go anywhere.

I do love my darling though, when his work mate started complaining and asking for food, instead of getting out the nice chips, he got the cheap boring ones out and gave him those.

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