Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I ordered a bunch of Essie nail polishes trying to find a good wedding polish colour.

Unfortunately I didn't find one. The formula on the Essies was good, most were jelly like so applied so easily and smoothly. But the colours and the amount of coats I needed for full coverage were disappointing. I have very white nail tips and they took a lot to cover with the Essies.

Rock Candy: 5 coats. It's a pretty pale pink, but blah. Not what I want.

Happily Ever After: 4 coats. Honest this is four coats of polish. It has a pretty shimmer and would be a nice french polish, but again not what I wanted.

Petal Pink: 4 coats. Only slightly more pink than Rock Candy. Too similar for me, and too not what I want.

Nude Beach: 4 coats. Pretty shimmer. Pity about the emphasis on my less than perfect nails.

Beach Party: The only one I'd say applied like a true cream, and therefor was not as nice to use. Pretty pink, but standard. Oh and also not really a wedding colour.

Demure Vixen: 3 coats. I needed another. It's pretty and subtle.

Turquoise and Caicos: 3 coats. Pretty colour, more green than I expected. Though it's not one I bought for a wedding colour! I just wanted it.

Marshmellow: 3 coats. Pretty soft white. I actually like this one, it makes my nails look fresh.

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