Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to School....

I have a mind block against calling school, work.
Yes I'm a teacher now, I don't actually attend school...but it just sounds weird in my head to call it work.
It's a lot of work, believe me!

When talking to other people I forget, I say silly things like "I'm going back to school tomorrow"...
Doesn't help that most people assume I'm at high school or university!

I've been in to organise my classroom and decorate the walls, but today is an official call back today before the kids start on Wednesday. It means once again my summer holidays are over.

Here's my back to school nails, for today anyway! China Glaze Sea Spray topped with White Cap. Yes my pinky does look different. It has a coat of Nubar Tulle as well...I just really wanted to play with it, but didn't want to do all my nails.

Sea Spray and White Cap, inside under bright light
Sea Spray and White Cap inside with flash.
It's still rather dark right now, some cyclone's playing havoc on our weather, so our Summer sun has turned to cloud, wind and rain. It's also rather early in the morning still. Still these photos show how glossy and shimmer white cap looks on to of sea spray. It's a very pretty combination. I can't wait to top Below Deck and Sunset Sail!


  1. I like this one layered with white cap! Your pinky is also cute, but only white cap is great, too :) Can't wait to see Below Deck, too!

  2. Thanks for the comment :)
    Funny thing is I couldn't stop looking at my pinky today! Tulle is a very pretty glitter.