Saturday, January 29, 2011 in OMG holographics

Over the last few months since my nail polish obsession started...when I realised that I actually I had nails...I have collected six of the 12 stunning China Glaze Holographics known as the OMG Collection.

OMG is right. These Holo's are amazing. Really nice to apply, they're pigmented, smooth and have amazing holo qualities. They make rainbows.

TTYL is a very pretty subtle warm pink with POW. Soon as you get it in the sunlight you see that holo, actually soon as you get it under any light you see the holo.

Well in all honesty I can't say I'm a fan of's just not a very flattering colour! I'm thinking it'll be good for stamping...but I doubt I'll be wearing it alone.

IDK is such a pretty colour for spring...Spring just makes me think of light purples and greens. IDK is amazing...easy as that!

LOL is a very sexy purple holo. It's dark enough, it's holo's the perfect purple holo. Although in my opinion the light colours holo's are more prominent.

I would be bold enough to say that 2NITE is my favourite from the collection, that I have. It's gorgeous...the perfect shade of light blue. I wore this to school and even the boys loved it and exclaimed I had rainbows on my nails.

L8R G8R is my latest edition to my collection, I saw some one selling it online and jumped on it. The same person is now selling FYI, but I'm not sure I need it...Anyway L8R G8R perfect spring green. Very stunning holo effect.

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