Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day

I love New Years Day much more than New Years Eve. I've never been very good at staying awake till midnight. New years day is awesome though. It's so relaxed. Up untill New Years Eve the shops are crazy busy still, everyone seems up tight and no one seems to relax.
New Years Day...the shops are peacefully quiet, everyone seems to be laid back and holiday mode seems to have set in.

Last New Years Day we spent the day at Scorching Bay, it wasn't so scorching as the wind was up and rather chilly, but it was an awesome day.

This year we went on a little ferry trip. Instead of driving round tp Days Bay, we drove into Wellington and caught the ferry. The day started off cloudy, but ended up fantastically sunny.

Bye bye Wellington
Coming in to Days Bay
Looking towards the Hutt Valley from Days Bay
Ferry's in
Coming back into Wellington, Oriental Parade.
Te Papa, the national museum, we're planning to visit on Monday.
Docked again, looking back towards Mount Vic and Oriental Parade.

Suprise attack sun = Sun burn. I was several shades of red.

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