Friday, January 14, 2011

More Nubars!

One of the first orders I placed after Christmas was for seven Nubar polishes. Four holographics I just had to have, two glitters and opulent pearl. Opulent pearl is one I would have expected to get more love.

My parcels started arriving, I got 1 one day, 4 the next, then another 1...but still not my first Nubar order.

It finally arrived, via courier...

That's odd. All my parcels generally arrive by way of the friendly postman on his scooter bike. Scooter bike...cross between scooter and motorbike. Yes our postie rides a bike.

On further inspection my Nubar polishes had been misdirected! Not wrongly addressed, just ended up in the wrong place. My polish went to Amsterdam.

Reclaim, Blue Siren, Rose and Opulent Pearl

Treasure, Gem and Jewel.

Opulent Pearl is a polish I would expect to get more love. Its not a true top coat, it had a milky pearl sheen, but it does have some amazing flakes. Yes small flakes, but flakes. Red, green, blue. Very very pretty. I can't wait to play with it over other colours. This is four coats, so it's never going to be truly opaque, but it's kinda pretty by itself to.

Opulent Pearl

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