Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kitteh Spam and a NOTD

Some of you may know that we have two kitties. We have Smokey, a gorgeous 2 year old short haired gray girl. We adopted Smokey as a one year old cat when her mummy moved to Australia. We also have Aristotle, a 15 week old silver tabby boy.

We've had Aristotle for almost 4 weeks now and Smokey has adjusted very well to having a kitten invade her space. To be honest Aristotle is lucky that Smokey puts up with him pouncing on her.

Awww kitteh love love.
last night was the first night they've slept on our bed together and I managed to snap this photo of Aristotle licking Smokey. Too cute!

Aristotle is a mischievous wee boy.

Preparing to pounce on Smokey
I caught him in the sink this morning
Attacking my cotton pads
He owns the TV
And wires beware
He also steals toilet rolls. So far we've lost 5 toilet rolls and one roll of handy towel. I have no idea how he gets the roll off the holder! All you can hear is his funny little chirp, then a frustrated squawk and a happy squeal when he finally gets it. We have to keep the door closed at all times.

He's lucky he's so darn cute. Have I mentioned he doesn't meow... He runs around the house chirping. he responds to Chirp Chirp as well as he responds to Ari or Aristotle.

I must say though, he is by far the cutest when he is asleep!

Anyway on to nails! Today you actually get a nail of the day. Yes, this really is the polish I'm wearing right now! Yes i went outside and took this pictures 5 min before sitting down to type! yes I was wearing ridiculously high wedges, that don't match my shorts, because I thought I'd wear them in.

Today I'm wearing Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Himalayan Blue top with Naild'it grape Vine.... and it's a gorgeous combo!

Sally Hansen Himalayan blue with Naild'it Grape Vine
Now I'm off to tidy the house, sort out all my class resources and games I didn't want to in the holidays and plan for school to start on Monday!

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  1. I love adorable kitteh spam! One of my cats chirps too, especially when she's jumping or pouncing on something/someone. I guess she doesn't care much about the element of surprise. :D

    1. Chirpy kitties are adorable! Aristotle is still too clumsy to have any element or surprise, even without the happy chirps.

  2. looking good. I love animal pics, keep em coming!!!!!