Sunday, January 23, 2011

Anchors Away

So I spent most of today in bed, lounging around, feeling sorry for myself. The headaches gone, I was just feeling very blah. Lucky for me I didn't have to be anywhere today!

This years spring collection from China Glaze is nautically themed and has a wide variety of colours to suit anyones tastes. From pretty pastel tones, greys, to brights. Glass flecks, to cremes to shimmers and secret shimmers.

I decided I absolutely had to have 6 colours from the collection, the other 6 I'm kinda meh about. I don't need more bright cremes, I'm not into yellows and I didn't think I needed the grey...though I might yet!

White Cap. A very pretty flecked white that I expected to be comparable to Frosty from the holiday collection. It's not really. It's white yes, its 'frosty' but White Cap is so much more than Frosty. The flecks in White Cap shine like a light. Getting all metaphorical...but it truly does make me think of the white caps of waves, with light from the light house hitting the tips.

Knotty. I expected Knotty to be a glass flecked version of sunset sail. I expected them to be close in colour...wrong! Knotty is comparable to Classic Camel in colour, I'll have to compare them later. When I put them together using my nail wheels they were very similar tones. I really didn't like classic camel too much, I thought it looked odd on me. What a difference glass flecks make, because I really like knotty!

Sunset Sail. A very pretty peach with secret shimmer. Sunset Sail is pretty, it's delicate, it's spring.

Sea Spray. Sea Spray is a colour I was looking forward to but dubious about. I wasn't sure how it'd go on me. I wasn't sure how the application would be...but hey, its a very nice blue with grey tones. Secret shimmer again. It was a bit thick to apply, but nothing I can't cope with!

Below Deck. Well this polish has been a rather hyped one. Supposed to dupe the famous Channelesque. To be honest I didn't buy it because it was supposed to be a dupe, I just thought it'd be a nice colour to wear when I have to be slightly more grown up! In my books Below Deck is a sophisticated colour that says yes I'm trendy but I'm sophisticated too.

Ahoy! Sparkling pink with golden flecks. Ahoy! is a very pretty dark bright pink. I was tossing up...Ahoy! or Pelican Grey...I'm glad I choose Ahoy! it's a very pretty polish that I will wear far more than Pelican Grey.

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