Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well I feel rather awful...darn this head cold that seems to be starting. I was healthy yesterday...Then yesterday night, BAM! Head cold.

Teaching 24 six year olds is not the easiest when all you want is peace and quiet. I'm sure 6 year olds don't know the real meaning of quiet! I have some who still can't talk in indoor voices. I actually asked one parent if their child had, had their hearing tested recently...apparently they had with an all clear :S

Anyway here's some old pictures of bright pretty polishes to cheer me up and get me out of the winter head cold doldrums. These are all Nicole by OPI.

One Less Lonely Glitter

Gone Wishin'

Jade in the Shade

It's Possible

Enchantress topped with Love Your Life

Respect the World

Give Me the First Dance topped with Lets Get Star-ted

Give Me the First Dance

Me+Blue topped with China Glaze Crushed Candy


  1. Are these the Bieber colors?

  2. Give Me the First Dance, Me+Blue and One Less Lonely Glitter are Bieber polishes. The rest are just odds that I hadn't tested out.

  3. Ouu, I like Jade in the Shade

  4. i want Let's Get Star-ted so baddddd but i think i'll just order a Kleancolor with stars in it to fill my need for stars