Sunday, June 26, 2011

OPI Blue Shatter

Well yesterday we had sunshine! I wanted a sunshining mani to match the rare glimpse of sunshine we had.
I fished out 108 degrees and layered it with OPI blue Shatter to create this rather bright and 80's coloured mani!

OPI Blue Shatter over China Glaze 108 Degrees
We had an awesome day pretending it was summer again, despite the freezing wind. We visited both nephews. We even took Bradley (5) to visit baby Max. Max is starting to chatter, gurgle and talk back when you talk to him. Bradley sat down to have a conversation with him and was rather disappointed when Max just made baby noises back!

Awwww little baby hand.


  1. I love this!! It's so bright and definitely screams 80s.

    And look at the baby hand! Babies are so cute and fun.
    Until they begin to cry, that's when it's time to return them to their parents LMAO. ^_^;

  2. I loved wearing it! Unfortunately my thumb peeled today and I lost the whole nail of polish :( Tomorrow iI'm thinking Senorita Bonita and Turquoise Shatter....

    Long live the 80's colour combos!

  3. I love this! And your nephews sound really cute :D

  4. aweeeeee baby hand... tooooo cute!!!!!