Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Color Club Fractured: Tattered in Gold

I was going to post my Nyx Girls glitter polishes this morning, but I'll do that this afternoon. Everyone wants to see more Color Club fractureds. 

Here are the three colours I got on my nail swatch wheel. You can see Tattered in Gold shattered quite nicely and looks distinctly gold, not just metallic and almost silver. 

Tattered in Gold, Have a Bash and Crush on You
I swatch all my crackles over a top coat, rather than a coloured polish. So you're just seeing the nail wheel plastic underneath. I actually really love these three colours and the formulae is great. You can see that Have a Bash and Crush on You have broken into more random pieces with bigger gaps than say the OPI Shatters. Same look but slightly different again. 

I've also been busy this morning and tested out Tattered in Gold over Zoya Veruschka. It stands out nicely against the dark green and best of all I was able to swatch and prepare dinner to go in the slow cooker, it dries nice and fast!

Tattered in Gold over Zoya Veruschka, no flash

Tattered in Gold over Zoya Veruschka, flash.
Look at those blingy sparkles with the flash! I've been looking forward to a gold shatter and I can't wait to see how this compares to the new China Glaze Crackles. Mum skyped me last night for some odd reason instead of ringing me on the phone, so I was able to hold the bottle of Tattered in Gold up to the web cam for her. She actually squealed. She is very excited to try out the gold shatter. Lucky for her I purchased an extra bottle of Tattered in Gold, and a replacement Black Shatter for her. She's getting so addicted now.


  1. Thanks for the swatch. This colour is every bit as fabulous as I'd hoped :)

  2. So pretty! You got a nice blog :)
    me following u :)