Monday, June 13, 2011

Nyx Girls Polish: The Blues

Opps, I was a bad blogger this morning...I had every intention to post, but wow was my bed comfy!

My horrible break is starting to grow, I see a slither of white appearing where my nail tip used to be. It's now been 3 days since it broke...:( I know I'm pathetic, lol.

Anyway I need to snap out of my woe is me moment. I've been meaning to post the rest of the NYX Girls polishes I purchased way back when Cherry Culture was 50% off. I still have the last few polishes (by few I mean 8 or so) to swatch. I've been waiting for the sun, and now we get some sun I've broken my nail! Anyway they'll just have to wait for another least until I have a little more growth. It's tricky to paint my break at the moment.

Here are my NYX Girls polishes in blue...

Sea of Cortez
 Why does rather look like a Charla/Hayleys Comet/Catch Me in Your Net dupe! Personally I prefer Catch Me In Your Net. It's slightly different...but you'd hardly notice unless you swatched them all together. Very pretty, but I do have my favourite already.

 ohhhh...did I buy this one just for the name...yup! I love the Inkworld books. It's a gorgeous dark blue jelly and I'm very much so looking forward to playing with layering some of my Nail Prisms over it.

Hot Blue
 Well they got one thing right...this blue is hot! Seriously it's hot. Bright blue, but not neon, but oh so close. Gorgeously creamy as well.

Indigo Blue
Ok...I don't get it. How is this indigo? Indigo is an awesome name. Did you know one of the first English men to do the grand tour back in the day was Indigo Jones... Doesn't he sound all kinds of awesome. Maybe it's just because it sounds like Indiana Jones...hahaha. Anyway Indigo Blue...yea...I don't see the indigo but it is a pretty, though rather sheer, glass flecky blue.

Well hope you enjoyed the blue's I purchased. I have another I haven't been able to swatch. Bermuda Triangle will have to wait for another day.

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  1. Sea of Cortez and Inkheart are amazing! Great swatches!