Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yesterday was a disappointing shopping day. I'd decided exactly what I wanted to buy... and I couldn't find anything, or it wasn't on special. I wanted to buy a grill and a new camera.

Our grill/sandwich press had an unfortunate accident where it met the tiles on the kitchen floor. The tiles are fine, the grill was not. Do you think I could find anything that came close to what I was looking for? Nothing. Everything was either too big or too sandwichy. We cook a lot of our meat using the grill, so it needed to be meaty. So I went home with out a grill, but I'm going to buy one on Monday. I found the perfect size one at Briscoes. After I got home.

We stopped to look at wedding bands... We did find some we liked, but have decided we are too indecisive and need mum to help.

We went to the pet store...I left with nothing.

Then we continued our hunt for a new camera. My camera is highly cute and pink, but it has hissy fits if I want it to take pics in low light. With the wedding coming up I wanted a camera that would handle taking pictures in any situation. I'm a photo person, I always have a camera on me. So I wanted the best possible pictures to remember our wedding and honeymoon. Anyway here's my old camera...

Fuji z33 WP
Yes, it's waterproof. That's pretty awesome. It has a nifty function that re sizes images to blog suitable sizes. It's still going to be coming with us to Rarotonga. It's a fabulous camera for down at the beach.

But my new pretty cool...

Canon Ixus 115 HS
I was also lucky enough to pick up two new book shelves for our study. One shelf will hold Nick's lego collection (I collect nail polish so I don't really comment if he buys lego lol) and the other is for my nail polish. They are slightly darker than our two shelves...but that's ok. Nick made one last night and promised to make the other today. As soon as I've got my collection sorted on my new shelf I will post pictures.

Anyway off to read my new camera manual and play with it! I took some macro's of my nails last night under the lamp light and omg it was awesome. They came out true to life colour wise and were really nice and clear. I don't need to wait for sunny days anymore!

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