Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Pink Wednesday

I'm feeling rather tired and ratty tonight.
I took pictures of my pink Wednesday nails when I painted them last night and meant to post them this morning. I had issues with getting out of bed though...

Today I decided on OPI DS Passion. Passion is such a pretty pink with scattered holo. A darkened pink version of Diamond...or at least that's what I was thinking when I reached for it to wear. I have posted Passion before, but sometimes a polish is just so pretty it needs to be seen again.

OPI DS Passion
And now for why I'm feeling tired and ratty. I had an optometrist appointment today. I wanted to get contacts for our wedding coming up n July. I wanted to see, but there was no way I was wearing glasses! I have only worn glasses for four years and I always take them off for important Christmas or birthdays or going out...or any good reason really.

Anyway, I've discovered I'm pro at putting contacts in...but really really, super bad at taking them out. So my eyes are red and irritated from me prodding and poking them whilst trying to get the damn things out.

Unfortunately at the optometrists I also ended up having to trim my nails. It was rather weird sitting their trimming my nails so I could get the contacts in with out scratching my eyes... I tried to avoid cutting my nails...but I poked myself with my nail a few times and boy did it hurt. At least the lady who was helping me put the contacts in and take them out felt sorry for me and commented on how nice my nails were and that the polish (Passion) was so pretty... That made me feel a little better.

So this is what my nails look like now...

I have no idea why that's rotated funny...but look at my little stubby index...I'll trim my ring and pinky later. I guess I need to anyway. At least Passion hides my break pretty well!


  1. That is stunning and it looks really great on you!

  2. What a lovely polish! And I know exactly what you mean about taking contacts out. When I first got mine a little over two years ago, I got the hang of putting them in pretty fast but couldn't for the life of me get them out! I think one day I was just finally able to do it for no rhyme or reason, so don't despair! You'll get the hang of it. :)

  3. It takes a little practice. For me, it helps to slide my contact over to the side of my eye when I'm taking it out. And your nails look fabulous!

  4. THanks everyone! My eyes feel better today, so I thought I might try wearing them. Hopefully it goes ok...