Saturday, June 4, 2011

Long Weekend

Well Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth...even though it's not your birthday, but thank you anyway for a long weekend!

I'm so excited to have a long weekend this week. I've been feeling so run down and tired. I can't wait to head out and do some shopping. I'm rather keen for a new camera to take away with us to Rarotonga. My current camera is highly cute and waterproof, but not up to taking decent low light pictures.

Anyway on to pics of my current mani, broken nail and all.

Color Club Love 'em, Leave 'em with a helping of Red Shatter
 On Thursday an awesome order of color club polishes arrived and I'm so glad I ordered yet another Love 'em, Leave 'em because this one actually is the amazing holo I dreamed it would be. Well ok it's a lot more holo than my previous version! Anyway I've been looking out for combo's for mum to use with her red shatter and I think this one is awesome. Don't look too close though you might see my awful patch up job with tape I tried on my ring finger... Unfortunately I didn't apply it very well this time and couldn't stand it anymore... I peeled the tape off and the polish came with.

Love 'em, Leave 'em, Red Shatter and Rule Breaker
After peeling off my tape I had a naked nail in need of polish. Rule Breaker just happened to be sitting there. I thought I should probably try and make it look purposeful...I used some cute nail stickers I picked up on Wednesday to try and blend it in. I haven't taped my nail again, I'm kind of hoping the copious amount of top coat I applied will keep the break in place...I'll sort it out tonight.. :S