Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nyx Girls Polish: The Blacks

I sent part of Saturday finishing swatching my NYX Girls polishes. I hate to swatch with a broken nail, but I decided to get over myself and get it done. After all I have had the polishes a month or so and I have been procrastinating posting the rest of my swatches. I kept thinking "I can't post until I've swatched them all". Well not if I've been grouping them by colour!

These are the blacks and darkened shades that I have. You're lucky...these are before break pictures! Well before this recent break, my middle finger was still growing out.

Charcoal Pearl

Collection Noir


  1. Robotica is my fave. It looks like a starry night :)

  2. I found a local store that sells Nyx Girls, but the display looks old and the bottles are literally half dried up. I was SO disappointed!!

  3. Collection Noir is my favorite! I appreciate these posts very much, I refer back to them when I go to make an order. (:

  4. Thanks so much minty! I'm glad to be helping someone.

    I bet you were disappointed amber...with the amount of colours nyx has it would be amazing to see a display with all the colours lined up...drool! a pity they were dried up :(

    vita and Poetic mum agrees with both of you. she stole Robotica. She does love it though.

    I think i agree with minty and madeline. Collection noir is my fave.

  5. Robotica and Collection Noir are gorgeous! I'm so in love with dark-glitter polishes :)
    I would love if they sold Nyx Girls here in Italy, but they don't XD But maybe I'll get some online!
    Thanks for following my blog, I really like yours too, so I'm following back ;)
    Have a nice day!

  6. wow collection noir is gorgeous
    just found your blog btw and absolutely love it

    hope you follow me and add me to your blogroll too!