Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nyx Girls Polish: The Browns

Well it's Tuesday morning. Tuesday is my least favourite day of the week. I'm on duty morning tea and first half of lunch, then we have a staff meeting. It just feels busy and full on. I don't get a break until the second half of lunch. So I don't have that chance to sort things out if I need to. At least I have teacher aide time this morning. Hopefully I'll be able to keep doing some reading testing.

Anyway enough of me moaning about Tuesday...here's some more Nyx Girls polishes. The browner shades today. My mum has actually claimed most of these, but that's ok they're not too far away if I want them.

Bronze Goddess
Buzz Worthy
Red Bean Slush
Deep Space


  1. I thought you might have a swatch of Deep Brown because it's so pretty with the gold shimmer in it! But now you have me lemming Bronze Goddess, which is coincidentally the name of one of their creme blushes that I've been lemming.

  2. I feel way outta touch, I didn't know that NYX did polishes. I'm kind of iffy on brown polishes, I don't own any myself. But I am loving the Deep Space color.