Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two Purple DS

Well yesterday I was in the throes of nail depression. I broke my ring finger nail, on my left hand. I broke it so far down I was beginning to get worried it wouldn't be long enough in time for the wedding in July...
The breaks actually on my nail bed. So as you can imagine could be rather sore.

I trimmed my nails to prevent snagging and more tearing happening. Then I went on an expedition to find a repair kit. Google had told me what to look for...but I've come to the conclusion that New Zealand doesn't care about my broken nails. I ended up buying some thin medical tape stuff. You know that kind of stuff they use to tape the cotton ball to your arm after a blood test...but thinner. So I've applied that to my finger, then coated it in 2 coats of base coat, 4 of nail polish (I was stupid enough to use a thinner polish lol) and 2 top coats...(yup I used a polish with glitter).

So far it's holding up. I haven't done anymore damage and you can't tell I've done a make shift repair/preventing more damage, job on it. It managed to survive showering and washing my hair, so fingers crossed. Lets hope it grows out quickly. I may have to invest in some fast grow stuff. If I can catch the sun today I'll get a picture of my patched up nail, see if you can tell!

Anyway some old pics but good ones. I have 5 OPI DS polishes...and one on the way to me.
I've already posted my two pinks, Passion an Signature. Today I thought I'd post the two purples I own, Diamond and Original. That'll leave a post of my two blues Sapphire and the one on the way.

 Diamond is such a pretty silvered purple. It has a scattered holo effect, in my opinion much like the China Glaze Tronicas...but better. I love this colour. It's pretty and stands out, but it's not too in your face. I think it looks amazing under black shatter. Diamond was a two coater for me.

Diamond with Black Shatter
And now an amazing stunning gorgeous purple..

Original is a stunning purple holo. Much more linear, it creates rainbows! Of course with this one the linear holo comes at a price, it's rather sheer. But as you can see four coats worked out fine on me! I don't think there's much else to say....just look at the awesomeness of the polish in the pics!


  1. I love Original, it's so beautiful! Diamond is also pretty, but I must admit that Original steals the show for me ;)

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  3. Original is one of my faves, sooo pretty! The blue on its way to you wouldn't happen to be Glamour? I'd be super jealous :P Oh no, i'm sorry to hear about your nail mishap :( Hope it grows out in time!!

  4. awesome! you got some good pictures of original. does yours have serial numbers?

  5. Sorry about your nail. :( I love both of these but I can't afford them. Boo.

  6. Ohhhh thanks for the sympathy!

    I must say Original steals the scene from anything you put it next to.

    hehe, why yes Julia my blue on the way may be Glamour...but you really don't want to know what I payed for it. Nick was horrified.