Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quick drawing

Well I slept in today and have been running late all day now.

I gave up on the idea of going out, I was running too late, and have since spent the day at the computer.
I've been working on a drawing for school and a logo for my parents.

I hadn't used my tablet in a while...So I had a little play around to practice.

So here's my play around...
No prizes for guessing what I was drawing today! Only 5 weeks to go... :S


  1. Wow, this looks great!
    You're so talented!
    I really wish I can draw <3

  2. awesome!! i'm excited for you, hehehe!
    and now i can see that you drew your banner! cute :) you're talented!

  3. yay 5 weeks!
    you must be so excited. I booked in to go and try on dresses next month and I am totally excited about that. I can just imagine how you are feeling only 1 month out.

  4. ohhhh, thanks everyone.

    Yup, I did draw my lil banner Rebecca...I never thought to say that before lol.

    I'm getting excited, Lisa, but I have parent teachers to plan for...So I can't slack off enough to get super excited yet. I'll email you where I ended up getting my dress from. It was an amazing experience and not pressured at all. Unlike other places I'd been.