Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Years Resolutions

1. Start exercising properly again.

Ha. Well that lasted a few months then I started emotionally eating and weigh the most I have ever ever weighed ever. Guess that goes back on the list for 2012 resolutions. But yeah this time I'm serious...honest.

2. Save money for our wedding.

Done and dusted.

3. Pay off more of my credit card.

I paid it off...then I spent it all again... So maybe I should keep that resolution lol. Actually maybe I should make it 'pay off my credit card and then cancel it'.

4. Stop buying things I don't need!

Yeah...well that failed. I'm just super awesome at shopping. It's my secret super hero power...honest!

5. Make a vege garden and grow some delicious vegetables.

Tried that. The strawberries are feeding the birds nicely. I really should have put a net over them . The lettuces grow well, but they had spiders, so I didn't eat many. The spiders creeped my out.

So how'd you guys do with bad as me?

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