Monday, January 9, 2012

China Glaze: FYI

At some stage early last year a few of the OMG holo's began popping up on trade me.

I was lucky enough to really get obsessed with polish in 2010 and was able to stock up on some of the OMG holos before they vanished/started going for crazy prices. I found IDK, LOL, 2NITE, GR8 and TTYL on ebay for highly reasonable prices. $4 each and $6 for TTYL...yes please. I was rather lucky. I thought I'd be happy if I managed to get 6 of the collection. So when I saw L8R G8R and FYI on trade me I only bought L8R G8R. I have always regretted not buying FYI.

So I took the plunge and paid an inflated price on ebay and now I own FYI and have no regrets.

I was totally right. I needed FYI. Look at the crazy holo? FYI has one of the craziest holo effects of the polishes I own from the collection. I love the neutral holo tone. It's a rather silvery neutral and I actually really love the polish by itself...but holo!!! I love the holo.


  1. I'm with you! I'm glad I was already obsessed when these were still cheap!

  2. It suits you very well! What an amazing holo effect! Beautiful! <3

  3. Nice neutral color with pizazz! I love it! So pretty!