Thursday, January 12, 2012

Look What's Coming Up...

Just some quick bottle shots of some of the polishes I plan on posting this summer. After I've tidied the house and set up my classroom of course... Because I always do what I have to do... I don't procrastinate by posting on my blog...

HITS No Olimpio
Hits Flakies
Essence Colour and Go
Essence Colour and Go
Essence Vampires Love and Hello Holo
Then there's the polishes I got for Christmas and a few other bits and bobs to look forward to! I might get a chance to photograph them at some stage... You know after I've tidied the house...

(This is not a haul post, just a bunch of untrieds I took bottle pics off)


  1. OMG! Where did you order your HITS from? did they end up costing much once transfered into NZ dollars? I know that Llarowe ships internationally - are they from there? That is a LOT of swatching you have to do. Fingers crossed we get some nicer weather soon for it

  2. Nice haul! Can't wait to see those hits polishes!

  3. Yup, Lisa the HITS are from Llarowe. I may or may not have a slight interest in Greek mythology and couldn't resist buying them. For the 13 no Olimpio it was just under $150 NZ with shipping? The others I bought in drips and drabs, but shipping is pretty good compared to be honest.

  4. Wow that is cheaper than I thought they would be. Just over $10 a polish is good. I dont think I will get them though as I have the China Glaze OMG collection already.