Monday, January 23, 2012

Essence: Chuck and Blair

Well happy Wellington Anniversary Weekend. Is it just me or does a public holiday in the middle of the holidays totally not count? I didn't even realise it was Wellington Anniversary until my darling informed me he wasn't working Monday. I must say that was a highlight for me. I was pretty happy I'd get to spend Monday and Tuesday with him as I go back to school this week. The kids come back on the 1st of Feb so got to get ready.

Today I went with gorgeous blue Essence nails. I love this shade of blue. It's just a very flattering colour to wear. I am a blue girl after all. blue looks good on me. Its the whole blue eyes thing I think.

See what I mean? Gorgeous flattering blue colour. It's slightly dustier than it appears in my pics. I actually wore Chuck alone today. Seriously shiny blue nails was perfect for my outfit. But Chuck has a twin... So if you want to spruce Chuck up a bit add a coat of Blair.

Chuck and Blair
Blingtastic blue nails....yes please!

Hope everyone in Wellington had a fabulous Anniversary weekend and caught the sun that was out this morning....yet dodged that heavy rain yesterday. Our weather is bizarre!


  1. Nice that you got an extra day with hubby! I want Blair, Chuck is nice too but that glitter is a wee bit blingy!!