Saturday, January 21, 2012

Polish Sale!

Time for some shameless self promotion.

Help me pay my credit card by some of my polishes! check out my Trade Me account for some pretty awesome polishes. There are some hard to finds, some rares, some hard to get brands in New Zealand...

Unfortunately I can only sell polish within New Zealand. If you are from New Zealand and do want to buy some polish...let me know you read my blog and I'll give you a $1 discount per polish you buy.

My Trade Me account

If you live overseas and want to check out my Trade Me account anyway... I have some pretty awesome Disney Ornaments for sale and over the next week hope to have some clothes up. Shipping will cost more though to ship them overseas.

And of course pics of said polishes:

I still need to list my OPI's (there are some black labels) and my China Glaze polishes (Sexagon may be included...I hear rumours!).


  1. i would buy like 10 polishes from you, but you dont ship outside new zealand, right?:( i live in hungary, and i ve ordered nail polish from NZ before and there was no problems.. so if its possible to arrange to ship outside NZ, please message me at balintnati*at*gmail*dot*com, i am always there to buy some polishes:DD

  2. It's not that I don't want to ship outside of New Zealand...I've had 3 out of 4 parcels I've sent overseas stopped by customs and returned to me. I'm rather keen to not be fined!

  3. Hi Ame,

    I would be interested in OPI, Zoya, Nubar, China Glaze etc. Feel free to email me a list to morganclare(at) to save trade me sucsess fees etc :)