Monday, January 2, 2012

Maybelline Spam

Argh. I was having such an awesome day of doing nothing.
Walked to the supermarket, started drinking, took down the Christmas Tree and was ready to start watching Cowboys vs Aliens...I mean come on, I just want to watch that for the title alone.

Then my brother turned up, no text, nothing... now the boys are playing xbox... ARGH. It's ok though he's on on holiday until the end of the week and then he's back off to Waiouru. I would just love some time alone, he's been over most days since Christmas.

Anyway some Maybelline spam today.

I love some of these polishes and I'm not so keen on others. I absolutely hate the Maybelline brush though.

Grand in Green
Very greyed out green. A slight shimmer. it's unique to my stash...but not really me?

Charming Cobalt
Blackened base with plenty of blue shimmer. Pretty but rather dark...It's summer time. Maybe I'll feel differently about it in winter when I'm craving some darker tones.

Papaya Punch
Pink, shimmer, standard for summer to be honest. Nothing really that unique or special and it's pretty darn sheer.

Banana Bamba
I know a lot of people kinda hate this polish, but I love it. Yeah it's a little tricky but then all yellows tend to be. Sure it's got a weird texture...but nothing a top coat can't fix. To be honest I actually really like this shade of yellow on me. I also love the name.

Chic Chocolate
I actually really love these blackened basses with red shimmer in them. I just don't like them on me. they look awesome on mum though. I'm not sure where the chocolate comes from...? there was only one polish I loved out of that bunch...I'm sure I'd love the others if I was actually into dark polishes.

And now I'm off to read in my room until Nick decides he wants food. I only have food for two people, not three, so hopefully he mans up soon.

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