Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wairarapa Adventure (Picture spam)

For christmas we were lucky enough to receive a nights accommodation in the Wairarapa, and it included a full cooked breakfast....yum!

I was so nervous driving over....but I survived and now I could totally drive anywhere. I'm thinking Ohakune in the next school holidays...

We went to the hotel, checked in and went exploring.

Queen Elizabeth Park
The bridge to the miniature railway
Me by the duck pond
We decided to eat dinner at a family restaurant over the road from the hotel.

We had a word search competition wit the kiddie placemats...
Then we walked back to the hotel for dessert.

zomg... chocolate overload....
The next day was gorgeously sunny and we popped down the main center to get some packed lunches and set of to explore. Our first stop was 'Stonehenge'. Yes they really did just build a replica of the real Stonehenge in the middle of the Wairarapa. it is however set to align with the southern hemisphere stars etc.

Stonehenge Wairarapa
The star sign obelisque thing... I was listening honest...
Then we got in the car and set the GPS...omg the GPS was a lifesaver I would never have found the right roads otherwise. they're all little country roads. Anyway we drove out to Palliser Bay, well almost all the way, we stopped at the Putangirua river bed. trekked up that for an hour and a half and saw this amazing scenery...

Putangirua Pinnacles
Putangirua Pinnacles
This was one of the filming locations for Lord of the Rings.

Me at the Putangirua Pinnacles
Looking out to the ocean on the way back to the car
After that exhausting walk we drove back to Greytown to buy fruit and ice creams. Best frozen yogurt ever. they put real fruit in and mixed it in front of you. Yum yum.

Blueberry and Strawberry frozen yogurt
And that is why i put back on all the weight I'd lost! So ahhh....lets see how this week goes!

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