Sunday, January 22, 2012

NYX Round Lipsticks: More New Shades

About 6 months a go NYX released some new shades in their popular Round Lipsticks. I love the NYX Round Lipsticks. Yeah, it's a pain I have to order them from Cherry Culture, Beauty Joint or ebay... but they're still crazy good value compared to the price I'd need to pay here for the range of colours and awesme pigmentation. I love colour... NYX Round Lipsticks come in such a massive range of colours... and I may own a large amount of those colours... There's always something that matches the look I want.

Hot Pink
Chic Red
Well there's the four colours I hadn't already swatched. Just gives a better idea of the colours than the online swatches that NYX has.

Now I feel really self conscious about my mouth... So I think I'll end todays post now!