Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RBL Haul Preview

I currently own 7 RBL polishes. As much as I'd love to own more, the shipping is just so darn expensive. It's the same or more than a whole bottle of polish...and RBL polishes are not so cheap. 

I bought 3 polishes from the L'Oiseau de Feu collection last year. I ummed and ahhhed over buying two of the BIB polishes, but just couldn't justify the shipping for two polishes. Then I got that email saying the Vintage BIB polishes were available for pre-order. My self restraint went out the window.

Here are some quick skittles of the stunners I purchased.

Scrangie, Catherine, Catherine H and Anne

Ohhh yeah! Those are some sexy polishes. I actually wore those skittles for 2 days. I just loved seeing the pretty colours.


  1. I love that for you the biggest issue is the cost of shipping. For me is the actual price. So expensive! I have a few and yeah, they're kind of worth it. Those four polishes are beautiful.

  2. I know, they are so expensive. It was the cats present to me for Christmas. I'm glad I bought them though, so pretty.