Saturday, January 7, 2012

Funky Fingers Fun

Argh. Bad blogger! I have hardly posted so far this year.

I keep meaning to sort out some Christmas and New Years pics to throw up on here... I even made a folder 'good christmas'. You know so I can get rid of the bad Christmas pics.

Anyway today enjoy some Funky Fingers spammage.

Baby, baby, baby... If you want a dupe look towards Color Club  Beyond the  Mistletoe

Sand and Stilettoes...Color Club dupe is Sugar Plum Fairy

Under the Mistletoe

Mani Flamingo

Golden Coast....Color Club dupe is Gingerbread

Tortuga...Color Club dupe is The Lime Starts Here. They are both scented.

Funky Fingers are funky...but in all honesty I love the Color Club bottle so much more. So if it has a Color Club dupe, I'd rather the Color Club.


  1. Whoa you saved the best for last! My eyes popped!

  2. The glitters look great. How many coats did you apply?

  3. Oooh I like the glitters, especially Beyond the Mistletoe!

  4. The glitters were all three coats.

    I love how sparkly they are with that bit of holo glitter thrown in :)

  5. they really are funky, but i agree, the bottles are ugly