Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011...part two.

Worst. New. Years. Ever.

I may be being over dramatic. But I did not buy another TV so Nick and my brother could play Xbox on both of them. I bought it so I could watch TV when the angry shooting noises coming from the lounge got too much. New years isn't a big deal to me, but couldn't they have done it another night. New years isn't high on my holiday celebrations list because I love Christmas so much and New Years just seems like the end of Christmas to me. I do how ever love New Years day...yeah I'm an odd one

Anyway it's still only 10:00pm. There's still time...? Hahaha who am I kidding.

Smokey is watching you... I don't think she's too impressed with the boys gaming either.

And now what I actually planned to favourite glitters and cremes off 2011.

Color Club Space Case
 Space Case came out with the Starry Temptress collection. A neon, with shimmer and glitter? Sounds awesome? It is awesome!

Revlon Starry Pink
 Starry Pink is such a pretty delicate pink with silver glitter. Girly and full of glitter whilst still being rather demure. I think I like it best layered over aEngland Iseult.

Cult Captivated
 Cult Nails has produced some awesome polishes this year. Captivated is a gorgeous coral jelly filled with shimmer gold glitter. Amazing on the nails and I do love a good coral!

China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara
 I actually haven't posted pictures of the China Glaze Eye Candy collection, but I have been wearing them. In fact two have made my top 20 list. Lorelei's Tiara was always going to be one I'd fall in love with. Silver glitter and blue glitter and so darn sparkly.

China Glaze Some Like it Haute
 Some like it Haute is the other Eye Candy polish to make my list. I know it's one of those duped polishes, but this is the only version I'll be getting my hands on. I love the charcoal glitter and the holo glints that sparkle like crazy.

OPI Excuse Moi!
 Excuse Moi is just plain awesome. Predominately pink but filled with rainbow glitter. Awesome! If I keep wearing this once a week like I've been doing I'm going to need a new bottle fast.

OPI Spark de Triomphe
 Sparke de Triomphe is one of those amazing glitters that have the same colour but different sized particles of glitter in them. What makes it stand out even more is that it's not silver, it's more of a white gold... Argh. I can't explain the colour but it's awesome.

Zoya Jana
 Jana is one of my favourite neutral polishes to wear. Neutral yet a bit edgy. Jana also looks fantastic with OPI Movin' Out on top.

aEngland Galahad
 I love love love Turquoise/teal/aqua and any shade of blue/green or green/blue so Galahad had to make my list. Amazingly creamy formulae as well.

China Glaze Near Dark
 Near Dark is a surprise love this year. Normally I haven't been so into dark colours, but I find Near Dark is the perfect dark polish for me to wear. You might not be able to tell but it looks awesome with my skin and matches most of my autumn/winter clothing.

Deborah Lippmann Naked
Naked s my favourite nude of the year. Anytime I can't decide on a colour or I need to keep a polish on longer than 2 days I turn to Naked. Before my wedding I wore Naked non-stop. It's the perfect nude. It's the perfect base for glitters. Naked is just perfect on me.

And those conclude my top 20 polishes for 2011. I hope everyone had a fabulous 2011 and is looking forward to an even better 2012. I know I am!

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